Get a color palette from an image

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Color Palette From Image is just one of many various browser tools that are available for free on the ColorDesigner website. The Color Palette From Image is simple to use allows the user to upload an image of their choosing, and then generate a palette of colors that can be found on the uploaded image. The number of generated colors can range from a single color to twenty different colors and in addition to displaying the color palette, the tool will also show the HEX code of each of the colors displayed.

How To Use

Using the Color Palette From Image tool is extremely simple and anyone can do it with little to no effort. When using the tool, the user will be greeted with just an empty rectangular space and a big red slider below it, so the first thing that you will need to do is decide which image you want to generate a color palette for. Make sure that the image is in PNG, JPEG, JPG, or GIF format. Once you have decided, either click on the empty rectangle and select an image that you wish to upload, or drag and drop your image directly into it using your mouse. As soon as your image is done uploading, the tool will display a range of various colors that can be found on your image.

By default, the Color Palette From Image tool will only display a palette of five colors, however, the user can increase or decrease that number by moving the red slider left or right. Doing this will allow the user to decrease the number of generated colors down to a single color, or increase the number of colors in a generated palette up to twenty.

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