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Color Name Finder is a simple to use tool out of many available on the ColorDesigner website and it allows the user to chose a specific color either by using the color picker or swatches. The tool then displays the name of the selected color as it appears in one of the five different color libraries. These libraries include the Basic color names, HTML, x11, Pantone, and NTC.

How to use

Upon visiting the page, the user will be greeted with a standard color picker which allows them to choose the desired color and its shade by simply clicking on it. Upon doing so, the color will be displayed as well as additional information about it including the Hex code, RGB values as well as the values of hue, saturation, and brightness or HSV. The user can also opt for using the Swatches tab instead of the color picker.

Once the desired color is selected, the name of the chosen color will be displayed underneath, along with five different lists from which the name will be taken from. The user can then freely swap between lists in order to display the different variations of the color’s name, depending on the chosen list. Among these options are HTML, Basic, NTC, Pantone, and x11.


  • Basic - Selecting this option will display the basic name of the primary or secondary chosen color such as Green, Red, etc.
  • HTML - Selecting this option will provide the user with the name of the color as used in HTML
  • X11 - Selecting the x11 list will display the name of the color from the list that preceded the HTML color names.
  • Pantone - Selecting this option will display the name of the color bast on the Pantone Color Systems.
  • Ntc - Selecting this option will display the name of the color from a library of over 1500 different colors

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